and We're here to help you make that dream a reality!

Time after time we have heard comments like "You have my dream job!" and "I wish I could pursue a career in Hair and Makeup, but I don't know where to begin or if it's even a sustainable career!". 

The truth is, the beauty + bridal industries are BOOMING and a career in Hair and Makeup has never been more sustainable and rewarding!

With the right education, hands-on experience and tools, the dream of working a flexible, creative + uplifting career with incredible clients has never been easier! 

We know the feeling!
That's why we have spent YEARS creating our proven hair + makeup training programs!

Want to pursue a Career in Hair and/or Makeup, but don't know where to begin?

So you've decided to pursue a career in Hairstyling and/or Makeup what?!

We've been there — it can all feel very overwhelming; what should you stock your kit with? How do you feel confident working with clients of all ages, races + skin/hair types? How do you promote your work and book clients? How do you learn to recreate the Pinterest photos every client is showing you at the beginning of their appointment?

We are excited to announce that we have taken our years of industry experience and our proven training program developed for CWAC employees and turned it into a hands-on, in-depth training academy right here at Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective!

Our curriculum was made by award-winning, working Hair & Makeup Artists for students looking to break into the industry or elevate their artistry and subsequently up-level their careers!

The thought of becoming a Professional Hair and/or Makeup Artist can be daunting...

Our Courses

* currently sold out for our February 2023 inatke *

Designed by working Makeup Artists to set students up for a successful career, our Makeup Artistry Certification course is a 4 week, part time course that focuses on the fundamentals of Makeup Artistry for the Bridal, Event, and Photoshoot industries.

Students will learn valuable hands-on skills that set them up for success in working with clients of all skin tones, types and ages. This course is designed to leave students feeling confident in working with clients through an array of looks and makeup styles through a mix of theory and hands-on application work.

Makeup Artistry  Certification

Our dry hairstyling course is a 4 week, part time course designed to set students up for success in the dry-bar hairstyling industry, including but not limited to Bridal Hairstyling, Event Hairstyling, Photoshoots and more!

Students will learn valuable hands-on skills that set them up for success in working with clients of all hair types and lengths in a variety of styles including curling techniques, updos, braids + trendy styles. Students will leave the course feeling confident in creating dry-bar styles through a mix of theory and hands-on styling work.

*please note that this course does NOT include any cut/colour training. This is for dry bar hairstyling only! 

Dry Hairstyling  Certification

Enjoy a flexible schedule + creative work environment through their elevated artistry

Promote their work to successfully book their calendars years in advance with high-ticket clients

Feel confident in their kit and know that they are prepared for anything with proven products + tools

Confidently recreate Pinterest photos that clients show them at their appointments

after their training with us, they could:

Our lead artists have developed a proven training curriculum that has transformed several employees of CWAC into highly requested, fully booked artists + stylists who have successfully launched full-time careers in the bridal and event industries. Students are ready to take clients + begin working immediately after finishing their training with us!

...but why train with CWAC?

Because we are working artists/stylists with thriving careers and first hand knowledge to share!

- Kam Johnson, Professional Makeup Artist

I wouldn't be where I am today without Mia. She was able to teach me skills and techniques that I use daily with clients, which has led me to a successful career in the beauty industry. I've been training with Mia for the past 6 years and I will continue to train with her as she has brought so much value to my artistry. Training with Mia has elevated my artistry so greatly it has taken my love for makeup from a hobby to a career! If you're contemplating taking the leap to train with Mia at CWAC, don't think twice. I promise it's worth it. 

- Jenna Wiens, Professional Hairstylist

Student Work:
Before vs After CWAC Training

student work at beginning of training

student work after CWAC training

student work at beginning of training

student work after CWAC training

student work at beginning of training

student work after CWAC training

“It was a pleasure to be a student under Breanne, I received exceptional hands on training. I learnt practical skills such as hands on styling, CWAC signature styles, trends in the industry as well as appropriate communication as a bridal stylist. The training I received set me up for success in the wedding industry. Breanne is highly talented stylist and I would recommend her 100%.”

student work after CWAC training

- Hillary Catherine 

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she transformed my business and helped me book 4 new clients in a week!

student reviews

Info for both the Makeup Artistry Certification + Dry Hairstyling Certification:

- 4 weeks long
- 2 days per week
- 4.5 hour sessions [36 hours of instruction total]
- Mix of hands-on/model and theory work
- Professional Hair/Makeup Kit provided
- Neither require any previous hair/makeup experience

Oh, and let's not forget...
- Courses are taught by award-winning hair and makeup artists
- Backed by the CWAC Brand + Students will receive CWAC Certificate upon graduation

What are the details?

let's get to it:


Makeup Artistry Certification:
- Intake #1 will run from February 13th, 2023 to March 10th 2023
- Mondays + Fridays 4.5 hr sessions [time TBD, will decide as a group]
- Classes will take place at our Kamloops, BC Hair and Makeup Studio
- Taught by Mia Johnson, Lead Artist + Artist Educator with CWAC

Dry Hairstyling Certification:
- Intake #1 will run from February 14th, 2023 to March 9th 2023
- Tuesdays + Thursdays 4.5 hour sessions [time TBD, will decide as a group]
- Classes will take place at our Kamloops, BC Hair and Makeup Studio
- Taught by Breanne Petersen, Lead Stylist + Stylist Educator with CWAC

When I was beginning my professional journey, I never thought that being a Makeup Artist could be a sustainable full-time career, let alone what CWAC has transformed into! 

I want to show aspiring artists that a career in the beauty industry IS sustainable! I get to travel, work with amazing clients + create my own schedule all due to my hands-on skills with a makeup brush! 

My team and I have created a proven training method that has transformed several of my team members into in-demand artists who get to choose which clients/bookings they want to take. This could be you too and we'd love to help you build your beauty career!

I can't wait to work with you on starting your hair + makeup career!

a note from cassidy:

How to provide outstanding customer service to attract and keep repeat clients! 

How to cultivate work-life balance and truly love what you do without burnout! 

How to grow a professional social media following to promote your work and fill your books.

How to take excellent photos of your work to share on social media/your website.


Additional topics covered:

Tuition includes 36 hours of instruction over 4 weeks.
Makeup kit is separate, see below.
Price does not include tax.

36 hours of instruction


Makeup Artistry Certification

Ready to Begin?

Below is more information regarding our tuition

Tuition includes 36 hours of instruction over 4 weeks. Hairstyling kit is separate, see below.
Price does not include tax.

36 hours of instruction


dry bar haistyling Certification

Hair/Makeup Kits:

Hair/Makeup kits are not included in the base tuition but are required for success in the programs. Kits will provide students with products necessary for the program and leave them ready to immediately take clients upon the completion of the course.

- Pro Carrying Kit 
- Mobile lighting 
- Two Professional Brush Sets
-Skin Prep
- Full complexion set for all skin tones
[Including blushes, bronzers and highlighters]
- Three staple professional eye shadow palettes 
- Eye Look Staples, including lash glue and professional approved lashes 
- Application Tools 
- Hygiene Supplies 

kit includes:

$ 1680

Makeup Artistry kit

- Pro Carrying Kit
- Mirror
- Hairspray [3 types]
- Texture Sprays
- Spray Clay
- Shimmer + Shine
- Hair Oil
- All Combs/Brushes
- All Clips + Bobby Pins
- All Elastics
- Flat Iron
- 1" Curling Iron
- Blow Dryer
- Micro Crimper
- Mannequin Head + Stand

kit includes:



dry bar hairstyling kit

Payment Plans are Available!

We understand some students may prefer a payment plan and we can absolutely work with you on this. Please fill out the application form below and we can give you more information on available plans.

We will be in touch soon to provide more information and discuss enrolment! 

* Please note that our February 2023 intakes are sold out, but you can fill out the form below to be put on our waitlist for our future intakes!

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